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  1. Take a proactive rather than responsive approach to emerging issues in housing

  2. Preserve town character by encouraging development in community-determined locations and styles.

  3. Ensure that growth prioritizes preservation of open space and uses low-impact development methods.

  4. Encourage a varied and inclusive housing stock.

  5. Concentrate development along major corridors where infrastructure already exists.

  6. Expand housing options by prioritizing denser, mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented development.

Land Use

  1. Take a proactive and responsive approach to emerging issues in land use.

  2. Ensure consistency between Holden’s long-range plans and town and state regulations.

  3. Concentrate development along major corridors where infrastructure already exists.

  4. Facilitate adaptive re-use of existing buildings to complement the rural character of the town.

  5. Preserve important land resources, scenic views, and agricultural resources.

Open Space/


  1. Preserve important land resources, scenic views, and agricultural resources.

  2. Protect lands for active and passive recreation opportunities.

  3. Expand the open space and recreational network by encouraging multiple uses and creating linkages between properties.

  4. Efficiently manage and maintain open space and recreation areas.

  5. Conserve Holden’s groundwater and surface water for wildlife, recreation, and other uses.

  6. Educate community members about conservation tools.

  7. Improve public awareness of Holden’s open space and recreation resources.

Economic Development

  1. Encourage a strong, diversified tax and employee base.

  2. Offer a variety of quality goods and services to meet the demand of residents, workers, and visitors.

  3. Concentrate development in the Main Street corridor where infrastructure exists.

  4. Evaluate and promote adaptive reuse of previous industrial sites.

  5. Develop a walkable, mixed-use village center that has residential, commercial, historic, and public space components.

  6. Provide incentives and opportunities for small-scale businesses and other desirable enterprises.

  7. Foster a local workforce that complements Holden’s employer needs.

Natural Resources

  1. Protect natural resource areas from environmental degradation, disturbances, and development.

  2. Expand appropriate public access to the town’s natural resources.

  3. Improve public awareness of Holden’s natural resources

Cultural Historic Resources

  1. Continue to preserve and maintain Town-owned and privately-owned historic assets.

  2. Establish protective regulatory tools in key areas of town in order to preserve the community’s rich heritage.

  3. Ensure there are adequate cultural opportunities for Holden residents of all ages and abilities.

  4. Improve public awareness of Holden’s cultural and historic resources.


  1. Maintain and improve  the condition of Holden’s transportation network.

  2. Explore options to alleviate traffic on Main Street (Route 122A), arterial, and collector streets.

  3. Improve multimodal transportation access, including bus, pedestrian, and other types.

Public Facilities & Services

  1. Ensure public facilities meet the needs of Holden’s population.

  2. Maintain long-term funding mechanisms to provide for future public facility needs.

  3. Improve the sustainability and resilience of town operations.

  4. Deliver infrastructure that meets existing and future town needs.

  5. Uphold the high quality of Holden’s educational system.

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